Startup and Commissioning

Startup and Commissioning is part of Enthalpy-ES’ core business. We were founded with the intention of providing exceptional startup and commissioning services. EES and its employees have extensive experience with starting up simple and combined cycle facilities, environmental retrofits to conventional boiler facilities, Reciprocating Engine facilities, and more. Our team can perform the following for your new or retrofitted facility:


•Planning – Enthalpy-ES can develop detailed Commissioning Schedules utilizing Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or any other desired software. We can develop and validate commissioning & start-up procedures. EES can also put together O&M manuals for our clients, assembling OEM manuals as well as developing Operations procedures, Maintenance Checklists, etc.

•Mechanical System Checkout - This includes confirmation of installation and construction turnover data, hydro/pressure testing, system cleaning and flushing, steam and air blows, lubrication of equipment, etc.

•Electrical System Checkout – This includes confirmation of installation and construction turnover data, component inspection and testing, instrument calibration and DCS response, confirmation of safety interlocks, etc.

•Startup Tasks – We can perform the necessary start-up tasks required for successful operation. This includes performing trial runs, tuning control loops, etc.

•Training and Turnover – EES will ensure that your new plant/equipment and its staff are ready to Operate once start-up tasks are completed. We can perform Performance Testing (Emissions, Noise, Heat Rate) to ensure that the facility is in compliance with Contract requirements. We will assemble complete System Turnover Packages including everything from Construction Turnover as well as all Commissioning Checks and Tests that were performed. Enthalpy-ES can also prepare material and perform Operator Training of new equipment to ensure that your staff are well equipped to run the facility for years to come.

Related Project Experience

Startup and Commissioning Oversight

Minnesota Utility – Colorado Pumped Storage Facility

February 2020 – Present


Utility is refurbishing its Hydro Turbines at a Colorado Pumped Storage Plant. They have procured EES to act as Commissioning Manager for the project to coordinate commissioning contractors and support the project on behalf of Utility.

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

North Dakota Utility - SNCR and SCR Systems Emissions Controls Upgrade

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


Enthalpy Energy Services Mechanical Commissioning Engineer is providing support to Utility. The commissioning engineer is overseeing and executing pre-commissioning, commissioning & startup activities related to Units 2 & 3 SNCR systems including water treatment upgrade, and the Unit 1 SCR systems, including induced draft (ID) fan replacement. Systems include: RO water system, Ammonia system, Dilution Air, Compressed Air, Flue Gas including Dampers, ID Fan Lube Oil, Sonic Horn, Air Cannons, among others.

Owner’s Representative - Construction, Start-up, and Commissioning

Arizona Utility - Simple Cycle Generating Facility

Spring 2018 - Summer 2019


Utility contracted an EPC Contractor to install five (5) simple cycle General Electric (GE) Aeroderivative LMS100 gas turbine generators and all associated balance of plant (BOP) systems. Enthalpy Energy Services provided Owner’s Oversight of the EPC Contractor for APS. Two (2) technical field advisors (TFA’s) on site include a mechanical commissioning engineer with extensive commissioning management experience and an electrical, instrumentation, & controls commissioning engineer.  The oversight includes construction, cold commissioning, hot commissioning, Unit start-up, emissions compliance testing, and turnover to Owner.

Electrical and Instrumentation & Controls Testing

North Dakota Utility - SNCR and SCR Systems Emissions Controls Upgrade

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


Utility contracted Enthalpy Energy Services to perform Electrical and Instrumentation & Controls Testing on their Unit 1 SCR, and Units 2 & 3 SNCR systems, as well as upgraded water treatment system.  The Unit 1 work includes new induced draft (ID) fans and unit aux transformers (UAT’s). Electrical testing includes complete point to point testing of electrical cabling, troubleshooting MCC starter buckets, megger testing of motor windings, cables, and low voltage busses, voltage testing, loop checks of electrical equipment into the DCS, energizing low and medium voltage electrical equipment, as well as troubleshooting protective relays, CTs, PTs, surge arresters, bushings, and power transformers. Instrumentation and Control testing includes: Field calibrating instrumentation, assistance energizing equipment, performing functional loop checks of instrumentation into the DCS, assisting in the startup & functional testing of process systems, and completing documentation to be used in the commissioning turnover books, among other duties.