Technical Staff Augmentation

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced personnel available for our clients’ needs. This includes Operators, Engineers, Technicians, Schedulers, Construction Managers, Safety Professionals, Quality Managers, and more. We have provided personnel to various clients for short term and long term assignments.

One of our key business niches is providing supplemental Operations teams including Supervisors, Board Operators, and Auxiliary Operators for plants with scheduled permanent shutdowns. We can provide comprehensive teams to supplement a client’s Operations staff as the shutdown date approaches. For more information, see our Operations & Maintenance Services Section.


Related Project Experience

NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

Colorado Utility

April 2020 – Present


Utility is implementing a new NERC CIP Compliance Software. They have procured EES to provide assistance in implementing the new system. Implementation will be across the entire Utility fleet.

Power Plant Support - Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Arizona Utility - Conventional Coal-Fired Generating Station Units 1,2,3

February 2018 – April 2020


Utility shut down the 2150 MW coal fired station located in Arizona at the end of 2019.  Utility operates the plant.  As Utility personnel are relocated throughout the Utility's fleet, Enthalpy Energy Services (EES) personnel are providing on-site plant engineering support.  The engineers perform daily duties to ensure the plant is operated safely through the end of its life.

Distributed Control System (DCS) Engineer

Indiana Utility - Conventional Coal-Fired Generating Station

November 2018


Enthalpy Energy Services DCS Engineer provided back-shift support to NIPSCO to integrate a new system. NIPSCO installed an upgraded bottom ash conveying system. EES DCS Engineer provided night-shift outage support to ensure the controls were integrated properly in a timely manner.

Supplemental Staff Augmentation

Hydroelectric Stations in Ohio

July 2017 - February 2019


Enthalpy Energy Services (EES) technical field advisor, millwright, and welder performed work at four (4) Ohio Hydroelectric plants. Online and outage support was provided to provide support to Owner personnel.