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Startup and Commissioning Services

Be Really Ready for Commercial Operations - For Real, Not Show.

After years of planning, engineering, equipment selection, procurement and delivery you are excited and everything appears to be right on track.  You look out at the job site and the amount of steel going up is impressive.  You start to believe the contractor may be finished early by the amount of steel going up daily.

Gas Blow with Flare

Best In Class

With unmatched experience and expertise to support your project.  We leverage our unique advantage of executing pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup on a wide variety of power and process facilities.  This cross-sector skillset is a weapon against complacency and skill set obsolescence.  For example, who has commissioned new hydro turbine in the USA in the past 25 years - other than an OEM?  Our team.  Enthalpy has the only 3rd party Commissioning Techs trained by the OEM to do warranted CSU activities on new hydroelectric turbines and auxiliary systems for the units.  Since then, the team has completed 11 hydro generating units at 4 locations in the last 2 years with more on the boards.  Whether you're building Solar, Hydro, Gas, LNG, Ethylene Processing, AQCS, Utility Scale Battery Storage, Transmission & Distribution or just upgrading your existing assets, we can make sure you're off to a great start and have the data needed to operate and maintain your plant for years to come.


No Plan, No Progress

Enthalpy ensures that the selected approach is proceduralized in great detail.  We do this planning so that we may change the plan.   The plan will change - somewhere along the way.  We get smarter, or new information comes to light or we missed the obvious and have to change plan. It's startup - it's important to do it right, do it once and move on.    Plans change, the requirement to deliver a safe quality result does not.   This is why we adhere to a proven program that ensures a quality startup, performed safely and with stewardship of the budget.

Enthalpy  Executes Turn Key, Advisory Only or Anything in Between

Our experts hail from top CSU teams from everywhere.  Our Startup Leads, CSU Managers all achieved their positions as Commissioning Managers over years of hands on execution.  Many of them started in the operations departments at large facilities.  They know what is required to be safe, online and per contract.  They know their trade and they have  years of experience  in  senior  technical  and management  roles  in  the  commissioning  and  start‐up  of  world-class plants.

Enthalpy has the team and equipment resource to provide turnkey pre-commissioning, commissioning and start‐up scope.  Also available  are the following services that can be secured as needed:

  • EPC oversight / Owners Rep for CSU Quality and Contract Adherance
  • Procedures for  commissioning,  start‐up  and  initial  operations ‐including testing of critical equipment and systems, and the
    plant  as  a  whole to be executed by others.
  • Provide input into plant design to ensure adequate consideration for
    commissioning and start‐up requirements .
  • Input  into  construction  planning  (to  ensure  compatibility
    with commissioning and start‐up plans) and oversight of pre‐
    commissioning activities performed by construction.
  • Development  of  pre‐commissioning,  commissioning  and
    start‐up plans and procedures.
  • Assistance during construction turnover in managing punch‐
    lists,  deficiency  tracking,  equipment  close‐out  and  system
  • Technical  and  operational  assistance  and  support  of
    commissioning and start‐up activities

Manage Risks From Day One

Commissioning and start‐up activities are unique and there's no time built into the schedule for repeating activities.  Sit hire someone who familiar with the dynamics that are involved.  The CSU phase of a project inherently encompases the most

Commissioning and start‐up activities are unique and there's no time built into the schedule for repeating activities.  Sit hire someone who familiar with the dynamics that are involved.  The CSU phase of a project inherently encompases the most significant process safety and operating risks, and often defines a project as a success or failure in the eyes of the owners and industry peers.  

Enthalpy works to ensure that the risks are managed from the beginning by starting look ahead planning for commercial operations:

  • Owner’s Operations Organization Development
  • Operating,  Maintenance  and  Plant  Engineering  Work Systems and Procedures
  • Plant Support Services Systems and Procedures
  • Pre‐Commissioning, Commissioning and Start‐Up Procedures
  • Plant Performance Testing Protocol
  • Initial and Ongoing Operations Assistance or Execution (Staff Augmentation)
  • Contract O&M Services
  • CMMS database development
  • LOTO database development


Look At Our Results!

Using this methodology has resulted in over 8 Project or Plant of the Year awards, recognition by the Governor of California for safety, has had processes identified as a best practice by DOL/DOE and most importantly to us, has resulted in repeat customers.  Client are asking for us by name.  It gets no better than that.  Call us.  We will deliver expert service and award-winning results on your upcoming startup.



  • Best Practices to save Costs & Schedule
    • Process Safety Review
    • Constructability Review
    • Operability Review
    • P&ID Reviews
    • Startup Connection Provision Audit
    • Functional Description Development Support
    • Equipment Vendor assessment input
    • Schedule Development
    • Develop Contract Specifications
    • Construction Turnover Package Development


  • Pre-commissioning
    • QA/QC support 
    • Hydrotesting
    • Lube Oil High Velocity and Thermal Cyclic Flushes
    • Hydrolazing
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • HV Cable Testing & Point to Point Verifications
    • I&C Device Bench Calibrations
    • High Velocity Flushes
    • Temporary power, water and other designs and configurations needed for system bootstrap until permanent assets readied. 
    • Permanent Staff Training
    • QA/QC and Equipment Preservation Support
    • RFI responses as needed


  • Commissioning
    • Turnover Package Audit (CTO - Construction Turn-Over)
    • Physical System Acceptance - Care, Custody & Control
    • Permit to Work & LOTO
    • Project Coordination & Schedule Management
    • Punchlist Management
    • Warranty Coodintation
    • Test Fluids and Fuel calculations & nominations
    • Vendor Coordination
    • Backfeed
    • Loop Checks
    • Component Testing


  • Startup 
    • Solo System Testing
    • Integrated System Functional Testing
    • Interlocks, Trips, Alarm Summary & Priority Config
    • Tuning
    • Performance Testing
    • OTO (Ops Turn-Over)
    • Contractor CM Services
    • Other

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"Frank Finnie is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced energy professionals in the industry. He cares about his people, his clients and his projects like few others do and his many awards are proof of that."

Ark Pizzaro

Marketing Expert

"I've worked with Frank Finnie for a couple of years now and he goes above and beyond to get his projects done right and on time. He will shoot you straight and the high quality of his craft is more than impressive.  They truly love to work for him.   He knows them by name and believe me, everyone knows Frank.  He has worked very hard for a long time to build his teams and over years it's paid off for his clients with many successful projects completed."

Kenny Juen

SVP Business Development

You're going to be hard pressed to find someone as knowledgeable, and well connected as Frank Finnie. His years of management and training experience, hands on field work, and his legendary sense of humor have made him an industry staple. Was blessed to work for, and learn from him and see nothing but success in his future.

Kat Thompson

Recruiting Expert

Frank is an excellent Start-Up Manager. I have worked with Frank on several projects, Frank took the ownership we were looking for. 
I look forward to working with Frank in the future.

Bob Frawley

Sr. Construction Manager - Salt River Project (retired)

Frank was an wealth of knowledge and clients would request to work with Frank by name. He was a great mentor and his ability to make even the most stressful of days a joy was nothing short of a miracle. He treated all clients, employees, and co-workers with respect and kindness. No matter the client, the job, or the contractor Frank made sure everything was treated like a top priority, and made sure he knew the details of every single job! I highly recommend anyone looking to work with the best, go directly to Frank!

K. Thompson

Corporate Recruiter at Blackmon Mooring/BMS

Worked with Frank on (4) four different power projects; Combined Cycle gas fired, 790 MW Supercritical coal fired, (2) two Simple Cycle gas fired, and Subcritical coal fired. Keen decision making with a quick witted sense of humor for both client and work force. Look forward to working again with Frank in the future.

George Hudspeth

Sr. Startup & Commissioning Engineer

"Franks knowledge of all power generation systems goes without question, to those who know him and later to upper management that happen to be operating these ever changing power generation systems no matter what system it may be, Frank know why it works, not just how."

Joe Murphy

Control Room Operator (retired)

"Frank is the best at what he does I learned a lot from watching Mr. Finnie and his employees."

Ralph Barba

SRP Plant Operations

"Frank is one of the industry’s best Start up Managers. Frank and I go way back, as I recruited Frank on his first contract job as Start-up Operator. Since that time, Frank has grown his career to unimaginable heights.  Frank’s achievements can best be charted by the fact that many customers ask for Frank back by name. I would gladly hire Frank tomorrow and recommend him to anyone. Frank is a true Professional."

Al Simon

Executive VP - Sales & Marketing ProEnergy Services

"I worked with Scott on FGD and SCR projects. He is a knowledgeable engineer willing to go the extra lengths required to get the job done right, and on time. Scott is easy to talk to and with his communication skills working with the design team potential problems were resolved quickly in order to keep my team moving forward. I would highly recommend and hope to work with him on future projects."

Ben Tadlock

Sr. Mechanical Lead - Startup & Commissioning

"Frank Finnie was my direct manager when I worked for Technical Diagnostic Services. He led the TDS Testing & Startup Services Department to revenues in excess of $20 million. Not only was he a great business man, but a great mentor. He put in the time, effort, and resources to train me on the technical & industry topics as well as business development efforts. He is a strong motivator that helped me succeed in every aspect of my work from the recruiting cycle to contract management. He is extremely knowledgeable in the sectors of the Power Generation Industries, and I witnessed his success with multiple projects. I highly recommend Frank for anyone who is looking for top notch knowledge and service."

Anna Underwood

Corporate Office Manager