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Decommissioning Services

The Final Shutdown

Coal-fired and oil-fired power plants, both old and newer generation, are becoming increasingly uneconomical to operate in today’s market.  Many are being decommissioned in preparation for demolition.

Enthalpy Energy Services is responding to the challenges of preparing for upcoming demolishing of large scale structures and facilities by bringing a broad range of experience and skills from the power engineering sector, combined with planning, processes and procedures all developed for each specific site. We ensure that we execute in a way that protects the property, community and leverages environmental personnel experienced in the unique phase of decommissioning.

Our understanding of the requirements for planning the operational shutdown of a facility along with the inherent environmental issues, together with our experience of providing oversight of the contractors & processes, gives us an opportunity to help clients successfully bring a single unit or complete facility offline in a safe and cost effective manner.


How We Can Help

The complete decommissioning and demolition of a coal or oil-fired power station includes numerous stages, from asset valuation and deconstruction studies, to site remediation, decommissioning in preparation for demolition, and evaluating redevelopment options. Enthalpy Energy Services brings knowledge of this whole process, starting with a decommissioning strategy that will optimize the recovery of plant and machinery, and recovery and reuse of valuable scrap.

Decommissioning & Demolition Execution

We can define the scope of the decommissioning phase and subsequent demolition works, and recommend the most economically, technically feasible demolition methodology  to safely increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of damaging assets to be removed and/or sold, which are unable to be removed during the decommissioning phase.  Our process includes detailed procedures for surgical decommissioning for partial facility demo to full black plant objective with total facility demolition.

Health, Safety & Risk Management

Our specialist Health and Safety advisors will ensure that all works are planned in a safe manner including CDM advice.

Tracking and managing risks is crucial across the whole process and our Risk Management experience in complex projects will develop an approach based on sound understanding of the potential outcomes.


Environment & Waste Management

We will evaluate the possible reuse of waste materials for redevelopment options. Environmental issues can be the costliest aspects of decommissioning. We have extensive experience of developing environmental clean-up and implementation plans for a wide range of industries which have hazardous wastes including asbestos, mineral fibers and mineral oil hydrocarbons which require special treatment and disposal.

Physical Asset Valuation and Recovery

We can assist your team with the assessment and/or resale of plant equipment which have a secondary market demand.  We have alliances with several secondary market equipment buyers, brokers and other outlets.  Enthalpy Equipment Services can assist with bench testing instrumentation for operational or resale viability and will even remove, prep, package and ship the equipment if desired.


Geotechnical Assessment

Upon request, we will work with our partners to determine suitable options for decommissioning ash ponds including plans for environmental monitoring and future use.

Site Relocation

Through our equipment division, Enthalpy Equipment Services, brokers, resellers and other secondary market alliances, we can work to relocate components or complete facilities to new owners, assist the new owner to secure funding, permits and  regulatory hurdles maximizing ROI for the asset owner.



  • Unit or Station Assessment
  • Asset Recovery
  • Impact to Parasitic Loads
  • Redundancy Degradation 
  • Water Balance
  • Relay Coordination Study
  • Abatement, Decommissioning Schedules
  • Develop Contract Specifications



  • Unit to Unit System Isolation
  • De-Energization
  • Common System Re-Route
  • Surgical Decommissioning
  • Post Decomm Emergency Mitigation
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Chemical
    • Security
  • Mothballing or Decomm Procedures
  • Decommissioning Procedures
  • Logistics (staging, storage, shipping prep)
  • Asset Recovery Execution
  • Contaminant Testing 
  • Site Security 


  • Third Party Contract Evaluations & Recommendations
  • BOP Temporary Designs for systems to remain in-place during demolition.
  • Decommissioning Unit(s) in Preparation for Demolition
  • Contractor CM Services
  • Turnkey - Owner walk-away

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