Field Calibration, Inspection, and Testing Services

Enthalpy Energy Services employs seasoned technicians, TFAs, and field engineers who have had decades of experience in the power industry. Our staff members can perform general inspections on major systems and equipment including:

•Electrical Power Systems and Equipment Testing – This includes switchgear, transformers, cables, relays, etc

•Instrument Calibrations

•Performance and Heat Rate Testing

•Boilers – EES can perform combustion system tuning including low load optimization, sootblower optimization, secondary and over-fired air airflow testing and calibration, etc

•Pulverizers – EES can perform operation inspections and optimization services for pulverizers including Primary Airflow testing and fineness testing


•Turbine-Generators – Our team consists of OEM certified field engineers and TFAs who can perform a wide range of inspection and testing services on Turbine-Generators

•HRSG Inspections

•TWIP Inspections

•Certified Welding Inspections

•Certified Coatings Inspections

For any inspections, tests, or calibrations performed, EES will assemble a report outlining scope and will include recommendations for bringing any necessary equipment into compliance with codes, standards, and/or expected results.

EES is in the process of becoming NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) Certified, including certifying our Technicians. We pride ourselves in quality and attaining this certification will establish EES as a premier Calibration, Inspection, and Testing Services Company.

Related Project Experience

Electrical and Instrumentation & Controls Testing

North Dakota Utility - SNCR and SCR Systems Emissions Controls Upgrade

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


Utility contracted Enthalpy Energy Services to perform Electrical and Instrumentation & Controls Testing on their Unit 1 SCR, and Units 2 & 3 SNCR systems, as well as upgraded water treatment system.  The Unit 1 work includes new induced draft (ID) fans and unit aux transformers (UAT’s). Electrical testing includes complete point to point testing of electrical cabling, troubleshooting MCC starter buckets, megger testing of motor windings, cables, and low voltage busses, voltage testing, loop checks of electrical equipment into the DCS, energizing low and medium voltage electrical equipment, as well as troubleshooting protective relays, CTs, PTs, surge arresters, bushings, and power transformers. Instrumentation and Control testing includes: Field calibrating instrumentation, assistance energizing equipment, performing functional loop checks of instrumentation into the DCS, assisting in the startup & functional testing of process systems, and completing documentation to be used in the commissioning turnover books, among other duties.

Heat Rate Testing

Arizona Utility - Two (2) Conventional Coal-Fired Generating Stations

Spring 2018 & 2019


Enthalpy Energy Services performed heat rate testing for Utility at two (2) different Stations.  The goal of this testing was to determine unit heat rate at three (3) load conditions. Data was collected from the plant DCS, flue gas traverses at the air heater gas inlet, and a composite grid at the air heater outlet.  This data was used to calculate unit output and efficiency in order to obtain a unit heat input. The measured gross power generated was used with the input value to develop a value for BTU/kwh. Recommendations for optimization were provided upon completion of the testing, data reduction, and final report.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Inspection

Texas Utility - 2x1 Combined Cycle Generating Facility

March 2017


Enthalpy Energy Services Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) technical field adviser (TFA) performed mechanical integrity inspections on two (2) Nooter Erickson HRSGs. A report including a list of recommended actions to be taken was presented to the client upon completion of the inspections. EES TFA’s have experience in a broad range of HRSGs and conventional boilers.