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Enthalpy Energy Services can provide multi-discipline engineering design for any of your power needs. We have licensed engineers who have worked for large engineering consulting firms and are well versed in power codes and standards. Think of us as an extension of your in-house engineering team. We can perform studies and preliminary engineering design, develop scope and cost estimates, develop specifications and perform calculations, perform bid analyses, and perform detailed design. Our team has designed and overseen the construction of new power facilities, plant betterment projects, and environmental retrofits. EES is also very experienced in the planning and design required for decommissioning power plants. See our Decommissioning Services Section for more information on this specific area of our business.

Related Project Experience

Switchyard / Catenary Support - Electrical Engineering

Arizona Utility - Conventional Coal-Fired Generating Station

February 2018 - December 2019


In conjunction with the decommissioning and demolition of the an Arizona Power Station, Enthalpy is assisting in coordination and design of retrofits to adjacent switchyards that will remain in operation after plant shutdown and decommissioning of railroad catenary to/from the nearby Coal Mine. Some tasks associated with this role include coordinating with different Utility on the redesign/retrofit of the adjacent 500 kV Switchyard, coordinating with WAPA (Bureau of Reclamation) on the redesign/retrofit of the adjacent 230 kV Switchyard, and coordinating with local Native American Nation and local Railroad Company on the design and decommissioning of the 50 kV Catenary to/from the Coal Mine.

Electrical Engineer Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Black Start

Texas Utility - Simple Cycle Generating Station

October 2018


Enthalpy Energy Services reviewed and provided comments to Station’s Black Start Procedures. Equipment included a new 2 MW Diesel generator, existing 4160V switchgear, their Main incomer, Bus Tie Breakers, and 480V station service switchgear for Load Shedding.  Provided assistance with site Construction Management, Site Personnel and Design Engineering.  Reviewed drawing design interface while streamlining the black start sequences and Relays setting integration.

Gas Turbine Technical Field Advisor (TFA)

Texas Utility - Simple Cycle Generating Station

April 2018


Enthalpy Energy Services Gas Turbine Technical Field Advisor (TFA) provided support and direction to Utility's personnel during the disassembly and reassembly of their Westinghouse 501B Combustion Turbine.

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