Decommissioning Services

With the current pressure on utilities to reduce costs, improve emissions, upgrade & diversify their fleets, and still increase shareholder value, there has been increased demands to shut down or idle large coal-fired power plants.  Doing so takes planning and smart execution to ensure success.  Enthalpy Energy Services can provide a complete turn-key solution from start to finish to our clients that includes:

•Project Management

•Decommissioning Planning and Design including navigating permit requirements, performing environmental surveys/studies, performing asset recovery studies, developing specifications, and performing engineering work

•Scope Development, Cost Estimating, and Scheduling

•Bid Evaluations for Demolition Contractors

•Construction Management including Safety and QA/QC Management

•Operations Staff Augmentation including plant operators and maintenance crews to supplement waning utility staff, clearance administration personnel, technicians and field engineers, etc.


EES’s goal is to guide our clients through the entire process from initially establishing a conceptual path forward, to performing all the pre-demolition planning, to overseeing and managing the actual decommission and demolition process. We want to make this process easy for our clients.

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