Operations and Maintenance

Our company specializes in Operations and Maintenance Services. We can provide the following for your plant’s needs:

•Outage Planning and Management

•Preventive Maintenance Procedure development

•Performance Verification

•Troubleshooting and Upgrading of Electrical, Control, and Mechanical equipment and devices


Additionally, we can supplement your plant’s Operations and Maintenance personnel as needed. One area we have seen this arise a lot recently is in plants scheduled for decommissioning. As the scheduled shutdown date approaches, the plant experiences attrition to their O&M staff. EES can help supplement this shortage of personnel. We have experience navigating through this difficult situation. What we have seen to work best is to consolidate plant staff inwards to the Power Block and give over operation of full systems to EES. We can provide complete Operations Teams including an O&M Manager, Board Operators, and Auxiliary Operators. Our goal is to assist our client in ensuring that the plant continues to operate smoothly in the days approaching final shutdown.

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