Construction Management

We pride ourselves in our Construction Management capabilities. We have seasoned Construction Managers on our staff that have decades of experience managing the successful completion of all types of power production. EES will ensure that your project is run smoothly, with an emphasis on maintaining schedule and budget. We can provide you with a complete service including:

•Construction Planning and Scheduling – EES can plan and schedule your project using Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or any desired scheduling software. We will work with the various GWC contractors to ensure that an accurate and maintainable schedule is developed and tracked.

•Constructability Analysis – Utilizing our experienced engineering team, EES can review your project design documents to ensure that the design is constructible at the lowest cost while maintaining safety and quality. This upfront effort will minimize change orders and RFIs during the construction phase to save you money and help keep you on schedule!

•Subcontractor evaluation and selection – We can help assess the various GWC/Subcontractor Bids and provide an educated recommendation to our client. We can perform a full bid evaluation to ensure that the best value bidder is selected. This will minimize change orders during project construction to ensure that budgeted costs are accounted for throughout the project.


•Construction Site Layout – Enthalpy-ES can help you assess the green or brown field site where your project will be built to determine the optimal locations for construction laydown, construction trailers, fab shops, and more.

•Site Safety – We have experienced Safety Managers that will ensure your project stays safe. EES has a perfect safety record with no lost time events or insurance claim of any type!

•Quality Assurance – EES prides itself on Quality. We have experienced Quality Managers that can ensure that the project is being constructed with the highest quality according to the specifications and standards.

•Turnover Coordination – EES will meticulously track and document all documentation required for Construction Turnover. We will assemble this documentation in System Construction Turnover Packages for Commissioning. See our Startup and Commissioning Section for more information on how we can also help during this phase of the project!

Related Project Experience

Owner’s Engineer and Construction Management

Colorado Utility – Combined Cycle Facility

February 2020 – Present


EES is performing owner’s engineering and construction management for the new Water Treatment System that is being constructed at a Combined Cycle Station. The new system includes Ultrafiltration, a 2-Pass RO System, a Mixed Bed System, and balance of plant equipment. EES is providing project management support, reviewing design documents and managing the design engineer, managing schedule and cost, and managing construction and contractors.

Owner’s Representative - Construction, Start-up, and Commissioning

Arizona Utility - Simple Cycle Generating Facility

Spring 2018 - Summer 2019


Utility contracted an EPC Contractor to install five (5) simple cycle General Electric (GE) Aeroderivative LMS100 gas turbine generators and all associated balance of plant (BOP) systems. Enthalpy Energy Services provided Owner’s Oversight of the EPC Contractor for APS. Two (2) technical field advisors (TFA’s) on site include a mechanical commissioning engineer with extensive commissioning management experience and an electrical, instrumentation, & controls commissioning engineer.  The oversight includes construction, cold commissioning, hot commissioning, Unit start-up, emissions compliance testing, and turnover to Owner.