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DOE HydroPower Vision – It’s Worth A Look

Webinar: Essentials of the DOE Hydropower Vision Report Citing an opportunity to increase installed hydropower capacity nearly 50 GW by 2050, the U.S. Department of Energy Hydropower Vision Report is the pathway to growth our industry has been waiting for. But at 400 pages, it’s a lot to take in. Our Dave Culligan and Rick Miller helped create…

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What’s The Difference? Piping Systems Engineering and Design

Occassionally we get asked about the difference between Piping Design and Piping Engineering. There is some confusion between the two, particularly since the major piping codes and standards partially address them and certain actions performed by them fall under government licensing for Professional Engineers.  Here in Texas is it a criminal violation to do engineering…

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Hydropower Info

A few interesting facts about Hydroelectric Power. Enjoy!     Hydro Project Latest News & ActivitesHydro Tasmania eyes pumped hydro to shore up renewables 08/13/2018Chris Gwynne stands in a ravine below a towering dam in the Tasmanian wilderness and ponders whether the giant concrete structure can withstand the politics that may keep it from playing…

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