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About Us

We are Enthalpy Energy Services! We will execute our scope of work in a way that is safe, provides value and delivers quality to our clients. Period.   We'll go one step further and here's how:  If we cannot meet that standard, we will decline to provide our proposal and will instead provide a recommendation of firms that can meet those requirements.

Frank J. Finnie

Founder & Principal

A Note From Frank
Scott Donaubauer

Founder & Principal

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours is underway.  We do not have the funding from a venture capitalist and we are not owned by any private equity firm.  We are small enough to listen and experienced enough to discern whether or not what we're hearing is right.   One thing we know for sure is that our success depends on your success.  We also know that doing a good job for a client typically results in more good jobs being awarded.  We ask that you give us a project and allow us to prove ourselves.   Our story is being written daily and we promise to keep you updated.

Call us and let's do a project together.

Our Efforts

Enthalpy Energy Services delivers quality and value based support to our clients and we do so safely.  One of our client's favorite benefit is our  ability to execute quickly, without excessive overheads or bureaucratic delays. We work with our clients to get them what they need on their schedule-not ours. In an industry filled with many choices, we at Enthalpy, thank those who choose us. We will earn your trust and your business every day.


Everyone that works for any length of time in an industry as technical and high visibility as energy projects will create a history and reputation (good, bad, or worse - mediocre).  The founders and staff at Enthalpy Energy Services are no different.  Please take a moment to look at our past projects and how they were looked upon by you, our peers that work and serve in this market.  Projects succeed by the will and effort of the participants.  We have been fortunate to be on several that stood above the fray.  We learned a lot of what not to do and what to do.  Those lessons are only taught by experience.  We will leverage that wisdom on your project.  Go ahead and take a look at our results.

Now, Let's Hear About You!

We can  tell more about us, but we'd rather hear about you, your company and your upcoming needs.  If we can help, we'll let you know.  If not, we'll tell you that as well.  972-870-4486