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HRSG Inspections by Enthalpy-ES

Most of the combined cycle power plants in operation today were primarily designed to resist damage caused by base load operations throughout the unit's effective service life.  Operation of these assets in today's reality are quite different. Today these units are being operated cyclically; sometimes with multiple starts and stops in a 24-hour period. This is a result of the load profile realities following the rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. This type of off-design operation is causing accelerated rates of failures, water chemistry limit excursions, and  overall asset life cycle losses due to fatigue-related damage, which most of these units were not designed to withstand. The large CapEx required to address these issues is typically prohibitive.


Enthalpy Energy Services can help you plan accordingly. Download our current e-brochure that details our HRSG Inspections. Timely HRSG Inspections by Enthalpy Energy Services can help reduce your forced outage rate, increase running reliability, reduce operating
costs, and extend the service life of your HRSG. Our annual inspections are performed by OEM trained and experienced HRSG Field Engineers and their associated reports will become a fundamental tool for your outage planning.

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